Criminal law services in Helsinki, Finland

Salomäki Attorneys Ltd is a small law firm located in Helsinki, Finland. Our firm was founded in 2019 by mr. Jouni Salomäki (Attorney at law, Master of Laws) and we offer our services mainly to private persons and small firms.

We serve our clients mainly in criminal law cases. Whether you are a victim of a crime or being suspected of commiting something, we can help you. We have a strong experience from all kinds of criminal law cases and we know the best approach to different kind of situations. Give us a call and lets find the best approach to your case.

People usually think that having a lawyer is expensive, but in Finland you are entitled to have a lawyer paid by the government if you cannot afford to have one. There are of course some restrictions and conditions to it, but in order to know whether you and your case meet these conditions, you should contact a lawyer, present your problem and ask if you are entitled to have a free legal aid. But first make sure your lawyer / law firm is a member of the Finnish Attorneys Association, because otherwise they might not meet the standards of a quality lawyer / law firm. Only members can use the title ”attorney at law” (or ”asianajaja” in Finnish).

Do you need a lawyer? Give us a call (+358452725444) or send an email ( and let’s see how can we help you. Appointments need to be scheduled in advance.